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Nur Fajar Arief
Akhmad Tabrani


Sustainable professional development of pedagogic teachers is a strategic effort to improve the competence and performance of teachers in carrying out their duties and functions as planners, implementers, and evaluation of learning in  the classroom. This research aims to examine the improvement of innovative, creative, adaptive, and productive quality of PBI based on Indonesian text and character through the SKBP model of teachers in junior high schools and MTs. This research was  conducted using qualitative approach with survey type. The research subjects were PBI teachers in 6 junior high schools and MTs selected research target locations by using random patterns of strata. Descriptive data of 5 research objects obtained by researchers as a key instrument with interview techniques, questionnaires, and focused observations. Data analysis was carried out using a flow model during the study.  The development models used are  R2D2 model: Recursive, Reflective Instructional Design and Development  and Oxford training strategy model. The assessment of the effectiveness of the SKBP model was carried out using a qualitative approach with the type of class action research of the Kemmis and Taggart models. The research subjects were PBI teachers and grade VIII students at 6 junior high schools in Malang districts and cities. Further data analysis is done descriptively, including (1) improvement of pbi process based on Indonesian text and character using SKBP model and (2) improvement of PBI results based on Indonesian text and character using SKBP model.


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Keywords: substantive model, pedagogical, text, indonesian

Arief, N. F., & Tabrani, A. (2020). Substantive Model of Teacher Pedagogical Sustainable Profession as An Effort to Improve The Quality of PBI Based on Text and Character in Junior High School and MTs. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 4(2), 118-129.