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Ratna Ayu Pawestri Kusuma Dewi


Vocabulary and grammar are the most essential components of all use of language as they have to be taught to the language learner to support to the development of the four skills, especially for writing skills Richard (1987:45). Unfortunately, Grammar has been believed as the most terrific problem for most of adolescence learners. They were terrific to construct wrong order of sentence (grammar) and this problem will effect on creating ideas in writing. This  case indicates  that  grammar should  be mastered  by English  learners especially students who want to create ideas in writing. Teacher races game provides a series of fun activity, and gives all the members’ opportunity to work cooperatively (Smith, 2008). This game can fulfill teacher’s need that is link and integrate four basics English language skills—listening,  speaking,  reading  and  writing  skills  into  learning  and teaching activity. This study was an experimental quantitative study which needs two subject groups – experimental and control group. The population chosen is one state junior high school in Surabaya. The simple random samples used; and VIII C as an experimental class and VIII A as a control class. The pre-test and post-test were given to both of the groups. Tests consist of tryout, pre-test and post-test that were used to collect the data. According to the collected data, the researcher made statistical calculation by using t-test and analysis to answer the research question. Ttest  results were examined to know the comparison of experimental  and  control  groups’  mean.  The  ttest   of  pre-test  and  post-test scores of the experimental and control group presented tvalue10.93. Meanwhile, the tvalue for rejecting the null hypothesis with df 50 at t.05  was 2.009. It indicated that tvalue > than tvalue (10.93>2.009) so that it can be concluded that null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected and the alternative hypothesis (Ha) is accepted.


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Keywords: Game, Teacher Races Game (TRG), Writing, Recount Text, Grammar, Simple Past Tense (SPT)

Dewi, R. A. P. K. (2020). Implementing Teacher Races Game (TRG) to Improve Students’ Grammar Skill Simple Past Tense . EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 4(2), 187-201.