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Fitri Rachmadhany
Matin Matin
Sugiarto Sugiarto


This study aim is to evaluate: the condition of the strategic environment of the policy implementation, (2) the process of the policy implementation, and (3) the result of the policy implementation admission of a new student using the zonation system in SMA Negeri Kota Bekasi. The research method is a qualitative evaluation based on the countenance model developed by Stake. Based on research, Preparation for the implementation of the PPDB zoning system policy at SMAN Bekasi City is in a good category. The preparations that have been carried out are quite mature so that they can overcome various problems that arise at the beginning and increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the PPDB zoning system policy. The implementation of the PPDB zoning system policy at SMAN Bekasi City is in a good category. This is based on the fulfillment of the four aspects of the transaction stage in the countenance policy evaluation model. The implementation of the zoning system for the New Student Admissions (PPDB) policy at Bekasi City Public High Schools has positive and negative impacts. This positive impact can be in the form of increased cooperation and coordination between the school and the surrounding community, the faster and easier the problem solving is, the reduced risk that students have to face when traveling to school, the more disciplined students are, and the more open the admission process for new students. The negative impact is on the potential for greater negative environmental influence on students and the difficulty for students outside the school zoning to register, there is a tendency to decline in school academic achievement due to unequal abilities of students, and students tend to decrease in the discipline


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Keywords: evaluation, policy of implementation, school admission

Rachmadhany, F., Matin, M., & Sugiarto, S. (2020). Evaluation of Policy Implementation Admission New Students by Zonation System in Senior High School Bekasi District . EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 4(2), 130-146.

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