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Putri Dwi Arini
Matin Matin
Siti Zulaikha


This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of learning management in the Covid-19 Era, starting from learning planning, organizing learning, implementing learning, to monitoring learning carried out at SMAN 1 Baturetno. The method used is qualitative research with data collection methods through interviews, observation (observation), and documentation study. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic starting from March 2020 to the present (December 2020), learning has been carried out from home for all levels of education in all schools in Indonesia. The problems that occur are the village of Baturetno, which is known to most of the lower middle class, from the problem of disorderly students, parents being burdened because of wasteful quotas (when there is no government assistance), unsupported facilities in the form of learning media, and rural areas that are not supported internet signal. The findings of the research, namely planning, organizing, implementing, and supervising Learning Management conducted at SMAN 1 Baturetno are in a good category. An emergency curriculum that is devoted to implementing distance learning that occurs during a pandemic. Online teaching schedules are only given 1 hour per week for all subjects, with streamlined Basic Competencies (KD), (2) With changes in online learning schedules and the distribution of school entrance fees for teachers (i.e. 5 (five) days once). By holding pickets to schools, teachers remain productive in the midst of this pandemic, (3). Students and teachers are work together and mutually cooperate to create a conducive atmosphere in the midst of the current pandemic (4) Submission of material via the internet, assignments that are not burdensome for students, timeliness of teachers and students, and the effectiveness of ongoing online learning are assessed in a good predicate too.



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Keywords: Management, Learning, Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Arini, P. D., Matin, M., & Zulaikha, S. (2020). Learning Management in the Pandemic Era Covid-19 at SMAN 1 Baturetno Wonogiri. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 4(2), 172-186.