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May Sarah


This research aims to analyze and describe the design of online learning modules integrated macromedia flash that is feasible, practical and effective to be used in the lessons of traditional bun arrangement. This research includes a type of development research with the target is students of grade XI SMK Private PAB  Medan. The research data was collected through validation sheets, student response questionnaires as well as tests. Data analysis techniques used are quantitative and qualitative data analysis and t-test. The results obtained: (1)  macromedia flash integrated online learning module developed with 4-D model(define,  design,  develop  and  disseminate),module designed in PDF format with sizeA4 (21 × 29.7 cm) and integrated macromedia flash that can be accessed and downloaded by students online through Google Classroom application; (2) the integrated online learning module  macromedia flash developed has been declared valid and practically used in the learning of traditional bun arrangement; and (3)  The resulting macromedia flash integrated online learning module is also stated to be effective in the learning of traditional bun arrangement and proven from the results of hypothesis testing with t-count  >  t-table value of 3,761  >  2.00 and sig. 0.000 < 0.05.


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Keywords: Online Learning, Module, Macromedia Flash,Model4-D.

Sarah , M., & Rahmiati, R. (2020). Integrated Online Learning Module Development Macromedia Flash On Structuring Lessons of Traditional Buns arrangement. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 4(2), 202-2015.