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Neneng Elsovia
Riki Mukhaiyar


This study aims to look at the implementation of   virtual box application learning media reviewed from  assure model consisting of six stages in class X TKJ SMKN 1 Painan. This research is an evaluation research. Which uses quantitative research methods to examine certain populations or samples, the data collected in this study is primary data taken directly through questionnaires, where the data are taken through assure stages by questionnaire method. The results of quantitative analysis can be concluded that the evaluation of the use of virtual box application learning media in basic network computer subjects is in a high category of 82.76% meaning that effective learning media is applied in basic network computer learning after reviewing the six stages of the assure model and judging from the results in the stalling of the six stages, which is 82.76% that fall into the high category. This research is feasible and reasonable because it does not contradict the theory.


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Elsovia , N., & Mukhaiyar , R. (2020). Evaluation of Learning Media Virtual Box Application In Basic Network Computer . EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 4(2), 216-224. Retrieved from