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Fajar Budiyanto


Examples of survey design are subjects that are usually taught to students pursuing minors or statistical majors at the end of their undergraduate degree. This article describes evaluation initiatives that encourage active learning and help develop important skill sets for statistical practice. The project is completed in pairs and submitted in two parts. This allows input from the first section to be forwarded to the second section. Ideally, students should have experience taking samples from the actual population. But the time it takes to receive approval from the university's ethics committee may not be appropriate for a short course. The alternative is to use an online virtual population such as Island software, which provides students with experience in setting up sampling systems, getting approval from potential participants, and collecting data. Written communication skills and teamwork are highly valued by statistical graduate employers. The project promotes collective learning in sample survey design, statistical analysis of the data obtained, and preparation of final written reports. It can be easily adapted for first year students and can also be expanded to accommodate students at Master or Honors level.


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Keywords: Education, Sampling, Computational Statistics, Statistical Assessment

Budiyanto, F. (2019). Teaching Sample Design: Virtual Population Project . EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 4(2), 265-275.