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Alby Aruna
Nadiya Faydinda Putri Ishlah
Laila Inayah
Abdul Rahman Prasetyo


The process of digitizing historical learning in Indonesia in times of emergency, the learning media used today is predominantly  conventional. With regard to conventional learning media, the contribution of digitalization of learning media to provide direction for modernization of historical  learning  media in solving the lack of exploration, elaboration, critical thinking skills, the flow of  historicallearning concepts, and the lack of  touch to local wisdom  is needed. Using ADDIE Model,  the design of the educational game of Panji Asmorobangun in the story of puppets beber Pacita nfocus is implemented in Vocational HighSchool  (SMK) State 1 Pacitan   gained 87.5% in the validation of media experts, 91.1% in validation of material experts. With regards to  expert validation, this media also  scored    87.22% in a group trial of 50 students  andsaid it is very feasible to implementunder the name of superpanji media branding. The historical learning media  of Panji Asmorobangun figures in puppet stories beber Pacitan Regency  supports the game flow process with (High Order Thinking Skils) HOTS  through  the 5M tifical  design approach(enjoy,menanya, collect information, socialize,  and   communicate).


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Keywords: Learning Media, Games, Puppets Beber, Panji Asmorobangun

Aruna, A., Ishlah, N. F. P., Inayah, L., & Prasetyo, A. R. (2021). Educational Game Design “Napak Tilas Panji Asmorobangun” in “Wayang Beber” Story. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(1), 1-25.

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