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Sugestiana Sugestiana
Joko Soebagyo


The use of LMS in learning is an option for educators because it can meet student learning needs without being tied to a place and can be used as a tool to assess student assignments recorded in e-learning. The purpose of this study is to analyze the development or publication trend of Learning Management System research published in SINTA indexed scientific journals, review citations, review trend analysis and keyword terms. This research was conducted using the bibliometric method. The research was conducted using data from scientific publications in 2015 – 2021. Journal articles related to the use of the Learning Management System in learning mathematics in a period of approximately 7 years experienced a significant increase. This is because learning that requires it to be done online and the use of LMS is considered important.


Key Words : e-learning, LMS, matematika, online


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Keywords: elearning, LMS, Mathematics, online

Sugestiana, S., & Soebagyo, J. (2022). Bibliometrik Research Trends on the Utilization of Learning Management System in Mathematics Learning on Google Scholar Using Vosviewer. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(4), 936-947.

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