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Muh Barid Nizarudin Wajdi
Iwan Kuswandi
Umar Al Faruq
Zulhijra Zulhijra
Khairudin Khairudin
Khoiriyah Khoiriyah


The COVID-19 or Coronavirus that encircled Indonesia seems to be unmuted. Its massive and relatively fast spread makes people feel scared. Everyone is forced to remain at home to break the COVID-19 transmission chain. Mass agenda eliminated because of COVID-19 also the term work from home (WFH) so popular.  COVID-19 also has a serious impact on the education sector in Indonesia. Here are some policies in the world of education taken by the Indonesian government in the emergency period of Coronavirus (COVID-19) year 2020.  This article aims to discuss government policy, especially about the education policy to deal with Coronaviruses. The results showed that some government policies related to education in the time Coronavirus could minimize the spread of coronaviruses. These policies include online learning for school children, online lectures, national Examinations 2020 canceled, UTBK SBMPTN 2020 postponed, the implementation for SNMPTN still in review


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Keywords: Coronavirus, COVID-19, Online Learning, Education Policy

Wajdi, M. B. N., Iwan Kuswandi, Umar Al Faruq, Zulhijra, Z., Khairudin , K., & Khoiriyah, K. (2020). Education Policy Overcome Coronavirus, A Study of Indonesians. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 3(2), 96-106.