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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29062/edu.v2i2

Published: Mar 30, 2019

Ideal Evaluation in Islamic Education Learning

1-5 Siti Kholidatur Rodiyah
Read Statistic: 171

The Importance of Islamic Children's Education

6-12 Mohammad Rasikhul Islam
Read Statistic: 149

Patterns and Interpretation of Tafsir Science

13-24 Mochamad Imamudin
Read Statistic: 121

Dynamic Learning for the Arabic language

25-31 Muh Barid Nizarudin Wajdi
Read Statistic: 91

Fun English language learning for Kids

32-37 Yuli Choirul Umah
Read Statistic: 91

Mobile Application for Training of Foreign Students with Gamification Techniques and Speech Recognition Technology

38-46 Nisaul Barokati Seliro Wangi, Madekhan Madekhan
Read Statistic: 57

The Effectiveness of Videos Tutorial to Facilities of Make up Face for Light Mental Retardation Children

47-53 Yolanda Syafda , Armaini Armaini
Read Statistic: 15

Effectivity of Snakes and Ladders Media to Upgrade to the Summation in Children Learning Difficulties

54-61 Mutia Julaiha , Zulmiyetri Zulmiyetri
Read Statistic: 20