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Farah Zakiyah Rahmanti
Oktavia Ayu Permata
Khodijah Amiroh
Philip Tobianto Daely
Anas Ittaqullah
Dimas Bagus Saputro


Surabaya is a developing city which has a significant growth in trades and services, thus requiring facilities and access in the field of transportation infrastructure. Surabaya has been fulfilled by adequate urban infrastructure. Therefore, not need to worry to reach all corners of Surabaya. Public transportation consists of share taxis, city buses, bus rapid transit, and commuter trains. There are many transportation modes in Surabaya, but there is no integrated information system of it. This study is to help passengers feel ease to access and choose any public transportation in Surabaya. The system provides recommendation best route, cheap ticket price, monitoring vehicle position, visualization on the map and arrival time while using public transportation in Surabaya. The practice has proved that the system has good usability and strong real-time. A positioning device is installed on every public transportation, where it will send the vehicle’s position to the server. The integrated information system is based on Android with minimum Jelly Bean version. This research has two android mobile applications, they are for passenger which runs in user side and for driver which runs in vehicle side. The database used is cloud firestore.


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Keywords: Mobile Application, Global Positioning System, Google Map APIs, Cloud Firestore, Hierarchical Data

Rahmanti, F. Z., Permata, O. A., Amiroh, K., Daely, P. T., Ittaqullah, A., & Saputro, D. B. (2022). An Improvement Using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Cloud Firestore for Integration of Information System in Surabaya Public Transportation. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(4), 894-909.

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