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I Dewa Ayu Agung Radhaswati
Made Hery Santosa


Google Forms is one of the educational applications that teachers in teaching activities can use to assess students. Teachers usually create questions and quizzes and process students' scores through Google Forms. This study was a qualitative study that explains the perception of elementary school teachers in using Google Forms as a medium to assess their students. The data were collected through a perception questionnaire which provided five statements and three questions about the use of Google Forms in assessment. There were 45 primary teachers as the respondents, which consisted of 37 female teachers and 8 male teachers. The data were analyzed qualitatively by presenting and explaining the data. The survey showed that most of them often use Google Forms media to assess students. The respondents agreed that Google Forms is easy to use, effective, efficient and paperless media to evaluate the students. Moreover, sometimes they also use Google Forms to conduct other activities, such as completing the administrative data of students, conducting students' attendance, and obtaining the parents' opinions. They will also continue to use Google Forms as a medium to assess their students and assist in organizing teaching and learning activities if the online learning system returns to normal (face to face). Based on the data results, Google Form can be stated as one of the applications that help teachers implement online learning to carry out online assessments for primary school students.


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Keywords: perceptions, Google Forms, online assessment, primary school students

Radhaswati, I. D. A. A., & Santosa, M. H. (2022). Teachers’ Perceptions: the Use of Google Form as a Media to Assess Primary School Students. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(4), 910-924.