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Ima Fitriyah


The advantages of technology cannot be overstated, and new technology advances at a breakneck pace. Every day, a new innovation is made. In this way, education may use the fast advancement of technology instruments for the purpose of facilitating effective teaching and learning, including language assessment. The assessment could be done in real-time although the learning process is online. This study examines EFL students' opinions regarding utilizing Socrative in the classroom as a real-time response system, as well as their accomplishment after being treated with Socrative. Socrative is a sophisticated student response system (SRS) that enables teachers to discover and analyze in real-time what students have learned during lectures. The study was done on the fifth-semester students of the English department in the Teaching English as Foreign Language course. The survey was conducted following the semester-long practice of the Socrative. The students’ perception was derived from the survey technique to ascertain students' perceptions regarding Socrative. The findings of this study show that Socrative is an appropriate tool for increasing users' participation in the classroom and assessment. Additionally, the students' success indicates an improvement after multiple uses of Socrative. The usage of Socrative is then highly recommended for classroom use in assessing students' language knowledge.


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Keywords: Attitude, Online Assessment, Socrative, Technology in Education

Fitriyah, I. (2022). Taking Advantages of Socrative in English as Foreign Language Teaching Classes. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(4), 960-977.

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