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Puji Rahayu
Dwi Fita Heriyawati


Reading comprehension is important in learning but it is very difficult to define and to achieve. The purpose of this study was to try both approaches (inductive and deductive) to teach reading in order to determine which one is more effective for Civil Engineering students of ITN Malang. This study is conducted in Civil Engineering Department of  National Institute of Technology, Malang. Two classes participated in this study. There are 15 students in each class. All of them are freshmen. One class learned reading deductively, and the other learned inductively. To assess the students’ improvement, a series of two test papers were used. From the tests given, it can be found that teaching reading inductively and deductively has equal effectiveness. However, the students taught using the deductive approach performed better in certain questions.

Keywords: Reading , Inductive and Deductive Approach


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Keywords: Reading, Inductive, Deductive Approach

Rahayu, P., & Heriyawati, D. F. (2022). The Effectiveness of Teaching Reading to Civil Engineering Students in National Institute of Technology Malang Using Two Strategies. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(4), 887-893.

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