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Robert Soesanto
Jessica Bermuli
Billy Mumu


The COVID-19 pandemic has made the entire life order change substantially, including the education area. The atmosphere of face-to-face learning must undergo a transition in the form of online learning, by utilizing technology and various interaction media during learning, including tertiary education. Blended learning model is one model that can be used in this emergency situation. This study aims to look at students' perceptions, to what extent of the blended learning carried out by optimizing LMS Moodle and video conferencing as learning tools. Participants in this study were taken purposively and involved 78 students from three study programs, namely Biology, Mathematics, and Social Sciences Education, who were enrolled and participated in Ecology, Integral Calculus, and Geography courses. The instruments are COLLES questionnaires and open-ended questions to investigate deeper at the perceptions expressed by students. Research methods are used in the form of mixed methods to produce an in-depth interpretation of student perception. Quantitative data analysis is carried out with a one-way ANOVA conducted using SPSS 20. Qualitative analysis is carried out descriptively related to the response given by students in writing. This research found indications related to lecturers' ability to design discussion problems to stimulate student involvement during learning.


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Keywords: blended learning, prospective teachers, pandemic, tertiary education

Soesanto, R., Bermuli, J., & Mumu, B. (2022). Implementation of Blended Learning Models during the Pandemic. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(4), 875-886.

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