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Zulkipli Nasution
Dedi Sahputra Napitupulu


In the terminology of Islamic education there is a very close relationship between the sanctity of the soul and the ease of access to knowledge. Therefore, the study of Sufism cannot be separated from Islamic education. Using the literature study method, this research will analyze philosophical Sufism and its implications for Islamic education. The results of this study indicate that Sufism is identical to education spiritual. Sufism philosophically leads to spiritual education that is supported by maximizing the function of reason because it emphasizes logical considerations. Relating to humans As an educational creature, he must develop various potentials, especially spiritual education. This includes the need to know the origin of events, from what humans were created and so on. Education spiritual can not be ruled out in building Kamil people.


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Keywords: Philosophical Sufism, Islam, Education

Salminawati, S., Nasution, Z., & Napitupulu, D. S. (2022). Philosophical Sufism and Its Implications for Islamic Education. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 5(4), 1000-1010.