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Abir Mondal


Digital Education is very important for prosperous education system.  Especially in the COVID19 situation it is the only way of carry on education. This paper specially focuses on digital educational initiatives in West Bengal, a state of India. This descriptive research paper focuses the historical background of evolution of digital education in West Bengal. In addition to this, it has been tried to focus how this initiatives impact on conventional education system by analyzing statistical data of Educational Indicators of two time period (one is before digitalization and another is after digitalization). Mainly for the research secondary sources (e.g. Government reports and surveys) are being used. So that it can firmly take the plunge of the effect (positive or negative) of digital education in West Bengal.


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Keywords: Digital Education, Online Education, West Bengal, Educational Indicator

Mondal, A. (2024). Evolution of Digital Education to Online Education in West Bengal & Its Impact. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(3).

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