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Izzatin Nisa'
Dwi Fita Heriyawati


This research aims to investigate the effectiveness of Reciprocal teaching as a strategy to improve students’ reading mastery. It is believed that Reciprocal teaching as a strategy could be used effectively to attract students’ interest in increasing their reading mastery. By using true-experimental research with quantitative design, there are 52 students were divided into two groups, 26 students for experimental group and 26 students included in control group. This research used test as research instrument. There are several findings to prove that Reciprocal teaching is an effective teaching strategy to improve students’ reading skills. By conducting test as instrument, it was found that the average score of students taught by Reciprocal teaching was 79.85. It was higher than those who taught by conventional teaching (71.50). By analyzing the data, it can be concluded that there are significant different between students taught by teaching strategy than those taught by conventional teaching.


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Keywords: Teaching strategy, Reciprocal teaching, Conventional teaching

Nisa’, I., & Heriyawati, D. F. (2022). The Effect of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy on Students’ Reading Comprehension in Narrative Text. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(2), 316-323.

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