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Abdun Nashir Albadri
Muhammad Yunus
Sonny Elfiyanto
Mutmainnah Mustofa
Suatmo Pantja Putra


The education system in Indonesia has been impacted by the spread of Covid-19. Learning occurs not only in real objects but also in cyberspace, such as through internet intermediaries. This requires the adaptation and sustainability of the teaching-learning process at all levels of guidance. Online learning has been designated as a distance learning management system by the Indonesian government. The sample of this research was 89 sample of the eleventh-grade students of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri I of Kabupaten Malang while the samples is taken from three different classes, those are XI IPA, XI IPS and XI Agama. The quantitative method was used in this study. To collect the data, questionnaires was used as the primary tool. The questionnaires is analyzed and see how students perceive toward learning platform of quizizz in learning vocabularies at MAN 1 Kabupaten Malang. Closed-ended data analysis was utilized to determine the outcome of the students’ perspective and to verify the established data, and the last steps taking conclusion. The results showed statement No. 5 achieved the highest mean rank of 77,8 by getting the average value at which most participants agree that Doing test in Quizizz is fun and the instruction easy to understand. Statement No. 11, which indicates that most participants feel that taking an exam on Quizziz saves greater time than taking one on paper and pencil, had the second highest mean. With an average of 66,85, question number seven had the least mean value of all the questionnaire statements. There were several responses to this question, with the highest percentages being 56.2% agreeing, 5.6% strongly agreeing, and 38.2% disagreeing. It seems students can help to concentrate in class when using Quizizz but some might feel the opposite Future studies are expected to improve the suggestions that are expected to be better in this suggestion. Other applications, such as Kahoot, Zoom, Moodle, YouTube, and others, can also be used in online classes as media to facilitate the learning process and student discussions with teachers.


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Keywords: Students’ perception,, learning platform, learning vocabularies, quizizz

Albadri, A. N., Yunus, M., Elfiyanto, S., Mustofa, M., & Putra, S. P. (2022). The Students’ Perception toward Learning Platform of Quizizz in Learning Vocabularies at MAN 1 Malang. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(2), 217-227.

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