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Nuzulul Rohmaniah
Mutmainnah Mustofa


This research was purposed to describe how comic strips media was implemented to improve students’ skills in writing narrative text at MA. Riyadlus Sholihin Probolinggo. This research applied Classroom Action Research (CAR) methodology. The researcher was helped by a collaborator in designing the lesson plan, implementing the action, observing the action, and making reflection. The subjects of the study were eleventh grade students of language program of MA. Riyadlus Sholihin Probolinggo. This action research consisted of two cycles because in the second cycle the criteria of success were achieved. Each of the cycle consisted of three meetings for teaching learning process and one for the test. The data analysis used quantitative data and qualitative data. The quantitative data were obtained from the students’ writing test and the qualitative data were obtained from observation checklist and field-notes.

The criteria of success were fulfilled after the implementation or the treatment in the second cycle. It means that the students’ skill in writing narrative text improved. It is related to the students active participation, student interest, students` enjoyment during English learning using Comic strips media. It also reveals that the students’ achievement in the test with the mean score 77.56 which was better than the mean score in the pre- test, 62.6. This score was better than the mean score in cycle 1, which was 75.4. The observation checklist and field note also proves that the students are interested in learning narrative text by implementing Comic strips media.

Based on the result of the research, it can be concluded that the implementation of comic strips media improve students’ skill in writing narrative text. In order to be successful, several procedures in teaching and learning activities should be followed. First, it has students discussion activities in groups. Second, the teacher explained detailed about sentence pattern of past tense and structure in which the students frequently made mistakes. Then, the teacher explaining conjunction to help students in collaborating sentences for good writing. Therefore, the result of this research is expected to help students to write better by implementing comic strips media.

Key Words: Writing Skill, Narrative text, Comic Strips


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Keywords: Writing Skills, Narrative text, Comic Strips

Rohmaniah, N., & Mustofa, M. (2023). Improving Students’ Skills in Writing Narrative Text by Implementing Comic Strips Media at MA. Riyadlus Sholihin. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 526-542.

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