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Netti Kariani Mendrofa
Izwita Dewi
Elmanani Simamora


Indonesia consists of various tribes, nations, races, religions, languages, cultures, skin colors, and many others. The embodiment of pluralism in educational units is to organize multicultural education in schools, one of which is in mathematics learning. The purpose of this research is to describe mathematics learning based on multicultural education  to realize Pancasila students. documentation method. The data analysis technique used is content analysis. Repeated reading of the literature and re-checking is done to maintain the accuracy of the discussion and prevent misinformation. The results of the study show that multicultural-based mathematics learning is very well applied in the mathematics learning process, because it forms the character of students to respect diversity and can also answer current expectations. This is in realizing the profile of Pancasila students.


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Keywords: Mathematics Learning, Multicultural Education, Pancasila Students

Mendrofa, N. K., Dewi, I., & Simamora, E. (2022). Mathematics Learning Based on Multicultural Education to Realize Pancasila Students. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(2), 281-293.

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