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Nur Rahmi Rizqi
Izwita Dewi


Challenges in the increasingly complex world of education are demanded in accordance with the existence of the era of advances in technological integration. In the era of society 5.0, the occurrence of modernization in mathematics learning is proportional to the needs of the millennial generation. The purpose of this study is to look at learning mathematics in the era of society 5.0 according to the goals and ideology of mathematics education. Furthermore, mathematics learning solutions in competing in the implementation of mathematics learning. The transformation of society 5.0 era makes it easier for students and teachers in learning mathematics where students are expected to be more influenced, think dynamically, be productive in realizing an exciting education. Mathematics learning can use ICT in accordance with the goals and ideas of Mathematics education where the experience of learning mathematics can develop children's creativity. So that the implementation of the ideology and goals of mathematics education in the Era of Society 5.0 are: mastery of digital technology, distributing cultural change, pedagogical development, personality-social competence, expansion of professionalism, and innovative-creative-adaptive


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Keywords: Mathematics Learning, Goals, Ideology Of Mathematics Education

Rizqi, N. R., & Dewi, I. (2022). Mathematics Learning in the Era of Society 5.0 in Terms of the Objectives and Ideology Of Mathematics Education. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(2), 403-412.