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Merita Yanita
Mimi Yupelmi
Mukhlidi Muskhir
Hansi Effendi


The purpose of this research is to develop regional bun tutorial video media (ukel tekuk) for hair and bun styling subjects, which can help students understand the concept and be able to practice according to the concept. This research is a development research that uses models and procedures using a 4-D model (four-D model) which consists of define, design, develop and disseminate stages. At the stage of define analysis of curriculum and analysis of students. At the design stage it is carried out using learning media video tutorials for regional bun tutorials (ukel buckling) for hair and bun styling subjects. At the stage of developing validated skills and limited trials on students, to find out the practicality and effectiveness of the video tutorial media developed. The deployment stage is not carried out. The researcher conducted a media test to see whether the media produced was valid, practical and effective. The results of the data analysis show that the regional bun tutorial video media (ukel tekuk) for Hair and Bun Design subjects uses three criteria: (1) the didactic requirements are 90.62% with a very valid category, (2) the construct requirements are 88.28% with very valid category, (3) 95% technical requirements with very valid category, the average percentage is 91.30% with very valid category. This shows that the validity of the tutorial video media is in the very valid category. While the average practicality of the media according to the lecturer's assessment was 92.49%, based on the test of media use by students in small groups was 81.66% and based on the test of media use by all students was 94.59%. Based on the results of the practicality test this media is in the very practical category. Based on the media effectiveness test, student activity increased by 86.10%, while the percentage of student success rate was 88.88% of students who had achieved a minimum of 75. This means that learning using video tutorial media is valid, practical and effective. It can be concluded that the use of regional bun tutorial video learning media (ukel buckling) for hair and bun styling subjects can be used as a learning medium in Vocational High Schools (SMK).


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Keywords: Tutorial Video, Ukel Tekuk, Student Learning Outcomes

Yanita, M., Yupelmi, M., Giatman, G., Muskhir, M., & Effendi, H. (2022). Development of Regional Sanggul Tutorial Video Media (Ukel Tekuk) on Student Learning Outcomes. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(2), 413-420.