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Rulam Ahmadi
Nur Fajar Arief


This paper will discuss the empowerment of teachers to improve the quality of education and school progress. School progress is determined by many factors, including the quality of education implemented. While the quality of education is determined, among others, by the quality of educators (teachers). Therefore, to improve the quality of education and promote schools, it is necessary to improve the quality of teachers. One of the strategic steps to improve the quality of teachers is through teacher empowerment which is carried out integrally and continuously. Teacher empowerment is the involvement of teachers in school decision-making processes, taking action according to the decisions taken, and enjoying the results of implementing school policies. For effective teacher empowerment, effective strategies are needed, including: 1) Formulating sustainable policies; 2) Provision of selected support and assistance; 3) Supervision and motivation; 4) Creating a conducive school environment; 5) Teacher career advancement based on performance and achievement, and 6) Giving prizes to outstanding teachers.


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Keywords: Teacher Empowerment, Quality of Education, School Progress

Ahmadi, R., & Arief, N. F. (2022). Teacher Empowerment to Improve the Quality of Education and School Progress. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(2), 431-439.

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