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Nur Fajar Arief
Oktavia Winda Lestari
Akhmad Tabrani
Mohamad Jazeri


The rapid development of technology makes a process of change in all aspects of life. Likewise in literary life, changes occur in works, critics, and literary readers. In essence, literature is a work that aims to convey information and become a medium of communication. Technological developments have an impact on the emergence of cyber literature that is developing in the mass media. This article describes the role of cyber literature in learning Indonesian language and literature in the digital era. The method used in this paper is descriptive qualitative with the type of qualitative research. The discussion in this article is (1) cyber literature, (2) the impact of cyber literature, and (3) the role of cyber literature in learning Indonesian language and literature.The result showed that The negative impact is the plagiarism of literary works. However, the positive impact of cyber literature is that it provides an opportunity to express ideas and creative writings.



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Keywords: role, cyber literature, language learning, Indonesian literature, digital era

Arief, N. F., Lestari , O. W., Tabrani, A., & Jazeri, M. (2022). The Role of Cyber Literature in Learning Indonesian Language and Literature in the Digital Era. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(2), 480-488.

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