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Shibgatullah Ar-Rasyid Shibgatullah
Umasih Umasih
Nur’aeni Marta


Colonization carried out by the Dutch government and its influence on Dutch government policy in the implementation of education in Aceh which was only attended by descendants of the nobility, reaped the enthusiasm of Daud Beureueh to carry out education with the Madrasah model in which he taught exact sciences and also religious education for all. Acehnese children without exception, at the beginning of the 20th century and in 1939 Daud Beureuh Initiated the concept of the Madrasah Curriculum in Aceh where the Aceh Dayah - Dayah adopted the Madrasah education curriculum system, in 1939 Daud Beureueh was elected chairman of the Aceh Ulama Association (PUSA), Daud Beureuh through PUSA formed the alignment of the Madrasa curriculum in Aceh and the School for prospective madrasa teachers, the Normal Islam Institute (NII). This study used descriptive qualitative method.


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Keywords: Daud Beureueh, PUSA, Aceh

Shibgatullah, S. A.-R., Umasih, U., & Marta, N. (2023). The Role of TGK Muhammad Daud Beureueh’s at Madrasah Education in Aceh 1930–1945. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 465-474.

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