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Muhammad Ramadhansyah
Candra Wijaya
Nurika Khalila Daulay


This study aims to determine the management function that is applied to the Santri Disciplinary Court Program at the Darul Ihsan Modern Islamic Boarding School. The management functions that will be examined include program planning functions, program organizing functions, program implementation functions and program monitoring functions. The type of research used is qualitative research with a phenomenological approach. The sources of data in this study are divided into 2, namely primary and secondary data sources. Primary data sources are Islamic Boarding School Leaders, Heads of Boys and Girls Care and students of OPDI administrators as enforcers of disciplinary courts. Secondary data sources are school documents, journals, field notes, and various other documentation. The procedure for collecting research data is through observation, interviews, and documentation. The researcher used Miles and Huberman's data analysis techniques, namely reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing/verification. After that, a data validity test was carried out through Credibility, dependability, transferability, and confirmability tests. The results of this study indicate that the Darul Ihsan Modern Islamic Boarding School has implemented a management function in the Disciplinary Court Program which includes program planning by determining disciplinary rules that must be obeyed by students through a meeting mechanism and providing socialization to students about the rules that must be obeyed. Program organization is carried out by the parenting department and assisted by OPDI students. The implementation of the program was carried out by providing discipline coaching and imposing sanctions on violators and supervision carried out by the care section for OPDI students as well as evaluations from the Islamic Boarding School Leaders. Based on this, it can be concluded that the Darul Ihsan Modern Islamic Boarding School, Deli Serdang Regency, has carried out the management function in the disciplinary court program as a form of fostering the character of the students. With this Court Program, the students know the disciplinary rules that they must obey.


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Keywords: Management, Character, Discipline

Ramadhansyah, M., Wijaya, C., & Daulay, N. K. (2023). Discipline Court Management Program for the Character Development of Students. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 543-552.

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