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Hanapi Han
Muhammad Hifdil Islam
Feri Ferdiyanto


The essential language ability for communication is speaking, particularly in English, where it is necessary for two-way communication that both parties can understand. Despite this, many students need to utilize their opportunities to practice speaking English more. As a result, this study aims to investigate the problems and difficulties that students face when speaking English. The descriptive methodology used in this study is qualitative. Data from interviews and direct observation were used to learn more about students' challenges as they tried to improve their English. The three steps of analysis that come after data collection are data reduction, data presentation, and data conclusion. The findings indicated that students found it challenging to practice English conversation because they lacked confidence and courage and were afraid to make mistakes. Also, they needed an intense environment and a suitable vocabulary. As a result, encouraging students to practice speaking English requires an effective teaching method.


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Keywords: Language ability, speaking, problems, students, investigate

Han, H., Islam, M. H., & Ferdiyanto, F. (2023). An Analysis of Student’s Difficulties in English Speaking, a Descriptive Study. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 497-503.

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