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Maryam Sulaeman
Yuli Marlina
Nur Irsyadiah


The world of instruction in Indonesia is continually confronted with exceptionally complex issues, not as it were around bullying but other idle threats in instruction which debilitate to surface at any time within the world of instruction. self, brawl, theft etc. Bullying has an affect not as it were on casualties, but too on culprits. Most casualties feel depressed and irate, and this may contribute to lower understudy accomplishment and course participation. The purpose of this study is to present a realistic picture of the issues faced by DIY Yogyakarta Madrasah students. SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) is the analysis method employed in this study, which employs a quantitative descriptive analysis approach. The research sample consists of 100 students from the State Madrasah Aliyah Yogyakarta. Results of the study: According to the findings of the data analysis, 1) The social environment does not influence bullying behavior in Madrasah students; 2) Social media influences bullying behavior in Madrasah students by 47.9%; 3) The social environment significantly influences self-control in Madrasah students by 56.5%; and 4) Social media significantly influences self-control in Madrasah students by 22%. 


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Keywords: Social Environment, Media, Bullying, Self Control

Sulaeman, M., Marlina, Y., Irsyadiah , N., & Fatimah, F. (2023). The Role Of Social Environment And Media Use On Bulliying And Self Control At Madrasah Student Yogyakarta. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 586-597.