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Susy Alestriani Sibagariang
Sri Milfayetti
Zuraida Lubis


The article discusses a systematic review related to Human Capital and the field of Education. The structure of this systematic review involves formulating research questions, conducting a systematic literature search, screening and selecting relevant articles, performing analysis and synthesis of findings, applying quality control measures, and drawing final conclusions. The changes brought about by globalization, advancements in information, technological developments, and intense competition have led companies and educational institutions to modify their strategies. There has been a paradigm shift regarding the fundamental assets of an organization in recent decades. Human Capital plays a central role in the success of both profit and non-profit organizations. By utilizing existing literature reviews, it becomes possible to address two main issues: analyzing the relationship between human capital and the field of education, particularly in higher education, and exploring human capital management.


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Keywords: Human Capital, systematic review, Higher Education

Sibagariang, S. A., Milfayetti, S., Zainuddin, Z., & Lubis, Z. (2023). Human Capital in Higher Education . EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 641-650.