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Marelita Devisa
Masduki Ahmad


The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the increase in teacher digital literacy competence through the participation of the principal's leadership and the overall nature of the research subjects on the research background with existing characteristics. The case in this study is an illustration of teacher digital literacy competence, the principal's leadership style in supporting the increase of teacher digital literacy competence, and supporting and inhibiting factors in increasing teacher digital literacy competence. This study uses a phenomenological qualitative approach with a case study design at SD IT Satria Bangsa in Bogor Regency due to the condition of the school's orphaned students with limited funds and inadequate financial conditions. Election Data collection techniques are through observation, interviews and documentation. The data collection technique uses triangulation, data analysis is inductive in nature, and the results of qualitative research emphasize meaning rather than generalization . Based on data analysis, it was found that the supporting factor was the principal's leadership style in the form of mentoring and service to teachers who motivated and helped improve digital literacy competence. While the inhibiting factors of teacher digital competence at SD IT Satria Bangsa are the lack of teacher awareness and discipline in learning and inadequate learning media.


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Keywords: Competence, Digital Literacy, Leadership, Principal

Devisa, M., Matin, M., & Ahmad, M. (2023). Improving Teacher Digital Literacy Competence Through Principal Leadership. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 629-640.