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Rasyid Asngari
Sugiarto Sugiarto
Masduki Ahmad


The certification program for Educator Police plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of education and training for police personnel in Indonesia. This study employs a descriptive qualitative research method to examine the implementation and effectiveness of the certification program. Data collection involves structured interviews with the Head of Subdivision Certification and Educator Police, as well as participatory observations of police educators. Descriptive analysis is conducted to assess the condition of educator competencies, the implementation of the certification program by LSP Polri, and the outcomes of the certification program. The findings reveal a total of 4,933 police educators, with 4,901 certified by LSP Polri since 2013. However, post-monitoring indicates only 2,270 active certificates. All educators in National Police education units are required to possess a competency certificate obtained through a competency test. The certification process aligns with relevant regulations and legislation.


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Keywords: Program Implementation, Certification Educator National Police, Certification Body Educator Police

Asngari , R., Sugiarto , S., & Ahmad, M. (2023). Certification Program Implementation Educator National Police at the Certification Institute Educator Police. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 598-604.