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Yudi Hari Rayanto
Ayu Maya Damayanti


At aiming to seek similarities, differences, occurrences, and percentage on aspects and items assessments (validity, practicality, and effectiveness) used and developed by student university in accomplishing final project. This research takes 6 final projects to be analyzed, whereas there is only 1 final project comes from Master degree. In obtaining the result of the research, the methods used in this research is designed through qualitative and quantitative research method focused in descriptive research. Based on the tabulation result, it is gained that students university use 100% similar assessment, and 77.08 % similar in its aspects. Meanwhile, in items of aspects developed, student university develops in various ways. It means that student university uses difference items and language. The highest percentage in giving validation of a textbook developed by the expert is in design textbook and media, that is 96 items (2.66%). In obtaining its practicality, the highest items used and developed are in learners’ activity response that is 70 items (19.44%). Meanwhile for gaining effectiveness, there are two ways developed, they are through distributing a questionnaire and giving a test.


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Keywords: Assesing, Validity, Practically, Effectiveness

Daryono, D., Rayanto, Y. H., & Damayanti, A. M. (2023). Assessing Aspects and Items Validity, Practicality and Effectiveness on Students’ Final Project . EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 684-703.

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