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Elva Siti Fatimah
Fiqih Fazriyansyah
Mohamad Erihadiana




This study aims to present aboutacquire knowledge about anti-corruption, and if it is related to the values ​​of defending the country, then having anti-corruption principles is a form or implementation of defending the country. The methodology or approach used in this study is a quantitative approach method, while data collection was carried out bypre-testand post-test.The findings in this study namelythe results obtained from the pre-test and post-test given to 41 students obtained an average pre-test score of 70.24 and an average score on the post-test results of 89.02, with an average increase of 18.78 after being given education anti Corruption.Can be concluded thatThis anti-corruption education program is considered effective for students, because with the education received by students, it can be disseminated to family and peers.


Keywords: Education; Anti Corruption; Man


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Siti Fatimah, E., Fazriyansyah, F., Mahmud, & Erihadiana, M. (2024). Anti-Corruption Education At It Al Multazam High School, Kuningan District. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(3).