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Maulana Noor Fajri Al Hajar
Yatti Sugiarti
Shinta Maharani


Information and communication technology skill (ICT) in the millennium era be able to enhance teacher’s professional competitiveness. Primarily, teachers be able to transfer important skills through ICT to students in high schools, especially in vocational schools. As a step toward realizing ICT literate teachers, the current research provides an overview of self-evaluation of prospective Agro-industry teachers to find out their ICT skills during college. The results were presented as a projection of the prospective teachers to use ICT in their classrooms when they become teachers. A total of  students from the first to fifth year were involved in the current research which then were analyzed in a simple quantitative to describe students’ ICT skills. The results based on the average score of ICT skill showed that there is a tendency for second year students  and third year students  to rate themselves good in ICT. They are currently active in the classroom lectures. Then, fisrt year students  tend to rate themselves lower in ICT because they are still in the adaptation phase from high school to college. Meanwhile, fourth year students  and fifth year students  tend to have decreased ICT skill due to less classroom activities, and focus on completing their final assignment as undergraduate students. We conclude that the prospective teachers in each college year have almost identical ICT skills based on the average score. According to this description, study program and faculty develop strategies and support facilities in order to maintain and even enhance the ICT skills of  Agro-industry prospective teachers.


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Keywords: self-evaluation, prospective teacher, vocational school, ICT literacy, Agro-industry

Al Hajar, M. N. F., Sugiarti, Y., & Maharani, S. (2023). Self-Evaluation of Agro-Industry Prospective Teacher’s Skill at Vocational High School in Information and Communication Technology Literacy. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 651-659.