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The tradition of basic Islamic education in Aceh adopts the concept of Islamic lifelong education, in which Islamic education is fulfilled from the age of 0. This study aims to identify how the tradition of basic Islamic education in Aceh is through informal, formal, and non-formal education based on the National Education System Number 20 of 2003 and Government Regulation Number 55 of 2007 concerning Religious Education. In addition, this study also aims to observe who plays an active role in shaping the basics of Islamic education in children. This research is qualitative research using a historical approach. Sources of data and information were obtained through a literature review to understand the historical context and changes that have occurred in the tradition of Islamic basic education. The data collected was analyzed descriptively to form a discourse on Islamic basic education in Aceh in the past and present contexts. The results of this study indicate that historically the people of Aceh have only known two educational paths in forming the basics of Islamic education since children aged 0-12 years, namely informal and formal education. Parents are the people who have a significant role in the foundation of the basics of Islamic education in Aceh, in addition to teungku and teachers. For informal education, Aceh has the doda idi tradition which is used to educate children aged 0-3 years. Furthermore, parents accompany their children who are aged 7-8 years to obtain formal basic Islamic education at the meunasah, but this meunasah education changed to non-formal education after the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.


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Keywords: Aceh; Islamic Basic Education; Tradition

Inayatillah, I. (2023). Tradition of Islamic Basic Education in Aceh. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 671-683.

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