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Muhammad Tarmizi
Candra Wijaya
Zaini Dahlan


The purpose of this study is to discuss the inculcation of spiritual values ​​in shaping student character through faith and piety building evening activities at Private Aliyah Madrasah Islamic College Foundation Batang Kuis. This research method is descriptive qualitative. The results of this study are 1. Faith Development Night activity program and Taqwa (MABIT) is carried out to strengthen the program of instilling spiritual values ​​that have been implemented by madrasas. Mabit activities are carried out using various methods and various strategies to instill spiritual values ​​in students. 2. Supporting factors in implementing the planting of spiritual values ​​through MABIT activities at MAS YPI Batang Kuis, namely the attitude and commitment of the committee in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in the success of these activities. Besides that, the enthusiasm of the participants was also a supporting factor so that parents gave positive support for the MABIT activity. 3. Spiritual valuecan be obtained by religious rituals and practicing the core of religion that is directly related to God or His creatures, in this case carrying out learning programs at Faith and Taqwa Development Night activities that have spiritual values ​​in their activities. Spiritual values ​​are divided into 3 types, namely faith values ​​(Tawhid), piety values ​​(Worship), and moral values.


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Keywords: Spiritual Values, Student Character, Mabit

Tarmizi, M., Wijaya, C., & Dahlan, Z. (2024). Shaping Character Through Night Activities: Instilling Spiritual Values. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(3).