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Mulki Siregar
Maryam Sulaeman
Yuli Marlina


Indonesia ranks 12th out of 12 Asian countries in terms of educational quality. According to the preceding statement, Indonesia's education level is still quite low. This research aims to characterize the process of shifting learning attitudes from traditional techniques to digital technology. This study is significant because instructors are the primary drivers of successful learning, both through creative and innovative initiatives and the democratization of education. The research method uses a quantitative descriptive. The analysis technique used was SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) with a sample of 75 Yogyakarta City State Madrasah Aliyah teachers as respondents. The following results were obtained from the data analysis: a) Digital transformation significantly affects teacher quality. b) Digital Transformation on teacher motivation has a significant effect. c) Garda Amazed by Teacher Quality directly has a significant influence and d) Digital Transformation on Garda Amazed also has a direct and significant influence.


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Keywords: Digital Transformation, Awe Guard, Quality, Teacher Motivation

Siregar, M., Sulaeman, M., Marlina, Y., & Cahyono, C. (2023). Digital Transformation Of Education Through Garda Kagum (Teacher Community Empowerment Movement) On The Quality And Motivation Of Teachers. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 6(4), 746-758. Retrieved from