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Romzatul Widad
Zainuddin Al- Haj Zaini
Zainal Abidin


This article addresses the management of Muhadhoroh extracurricular activities at Al-Munawwaroh Islamic Boarding School. The research aims to provide a descriptive account of the management of these activities. A qualitative field research approach was employed, utilizing data collection methods such as interviews, observations, and documentation. The research findings reveal effective management practices, including the careful selection and grouping of students based on their abilities, task assignments within groups, individual task allocation before the activities, and post-activity supervision and evaluation. The success of this management is supported by competent instructors, diverse teaching methods, and high levels of motivation among the participants.


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Keywords: Management, Islamic Boarding School, Muhadhoroh

Widad , R., Zaini, Z. A.- H., & Abidin, Z. (2023). Management of Al-Munawwaroh Islamic Boarding School in the Implementation of Muhadhoroh Extracurricular Activities. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(1), 211-220.