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Sinta Bella
Asep Maulana


This study investigates the impact of implementing the Phonetic Method with Video Media on improving Maharah Kalam. It explores how this method influences the development of Maharah Kalam a'dho, with a focus on the differences between using video media and conventional teaching materials. Qualitative research methods, including observation, interviews, and documentation, were employed, utilizing a case study approach at the Arab Markaz PP Bustanul Ulum Mlokorejo-Puger-Jember. The findings indicate varying stages in the application of the phonetic method, influenced by the choice of media, concepts, and teaching materials. While some classes employ video media, others rely on conventional methods, affecting the strategies employed by instructors. Notably, the study reveals that the use of video media with materials from native speakers may present challenges in enhancing Maharah Kalam due to a perceived decrease in intensity. It's important to note that this research exclusively focuses on a'dho' banat and does not cover a'dho' banin, emphasizing the impact of the phonetic method with or without video media on the development of Maharah Kalam a'dho'.


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Keywords: Phonetic Methode, Video Media, Speaking Skills

Bella, S., Maskud, M., & Maulana, A. (2023). Implementation of the Phonetic Method Using Video Media to Enhance Maharah Kalam. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(1), 236-245.