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Mayasari Mayasari
Neliwati Neliwati
Chandra Wijaya


This research aims to research related matters Curriculum Manajemen Implementation in private MTs, Pantai Cermin sub-district, Serdang Bedagai Regency Curriculum management is a comprehensive, systematic, cooperative and systemic curriculum management system to achieve good educational goals. The implementation of curriculum management within school’s scope is categorized into two levels, the first is implementation of curriculum management at the schoolgrade and the second is the grade/class level. The headmaster holds an important role in conducting curriculum management, especially at the school level but the educators/teacher play an important role atthe classroom level. The he type and approach of this research was qualitative descriptive. Data collection methods used were interviews, observation and study of documents that wereused as a source of primary and secondary data. This research took place at private MTs, Pantai Cermin sub-district, Serdang Bedagai Regency. while the informants are the Principal, Deputy Principal in the field of Curriculum, teachers and students. The results of the study showed that: 1) curriculum management at Senior High School of Muhammadiyah started with planning and then the implementation of the implementation has been going well. The curriculum used is 2013 curriculum which is combined with local wisdom and provision of life skills; 2) supporting factors come from external and internal; 3) the inhibiting factor, therewere some educators who were not professional, their way of teaching were still very monotonous, passive and also content oriented. besides that the were many learning tools from educators are not standard; 4) Curriculum management strategy started from the development of curriculum management by taking condition and student needed according to the characteristics of the education unit, and 5) the implementation has an impact on the creation of better and more adequate education for students, improved performance of education staff, the realization of public understanding of the importance of education, the management of resources for educators and higher quality education personnel, more perfect curriculum development, encouraging educators innovate continously and fulfill educational funding needs.


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Keywords: Implementation, Curriculum, Management

Mayasari, M., Neliwati, N., & Wijaya, C. (2024). Implementation of Curriculum Management at Private Madrasah Tsanawiyah Pantai Cermin Serdang Bedagai. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(3).

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