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Riki Habibi
Anisa Wahyuni
Aep Saepurrohman
Qiqi Yuliati Zaqiah


This article aims to describe research on Islamic Boarding School Curriculum Transformation Through Turats Pole Innovation: Building a Holistic and Qualified Generation of Santri. The transformation of the pesantren curriculum through the Turats Pole innovation is an approach to building a holistic and quality generation of students. The traditional pesantren curriculum has played an important role in maintaining and developing religious and cultural values in society. Turats Pole is a concept that combines traditional and contemporary approaches in Islamic boarding school education. This study uses a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. Data collection techniques used are observation, interviews, and documentation studies. Based on the research results, this transformation aims to integrate religious values and modern science so that students not only become religious experts but also have a good understanding of science and technology. It is hoped that the transformation of the pesantren curriculum through the Turats Pole innovation will produce a generation of students who are not only spiritually and morally strong but also have knowledge and skills that are relevant to the demands of the times. Thus, pesantren can play an active role in the development of society and the nation as a whole.


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Keywords: Innovation, Curriculum, Turats Pole, Holistic, Quality

Habibi, R., Wahyuni, A., Saepurrohman, A., Zaqiah, Q. Y., & Supiana, S. (2024). Changing Pesantren Program through Turats Police Innovation: Building the Comprehensive and Quality Students . EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(3).