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Alfiyah Hasanah
Moh. Badrih
Sri Wahyuni


Freedom of learning provides opportunities for educators and students to freely innovate skillfully in the learning process. The concept of free learning can be implemented in the learning process of both educators and students in Senior High School, such as the learning process about writing novels. Novel writing skills can be done by utilizing one of the applications provided in playstore / Appstore by downloading it on the handphone used by students. The application is Fizzo Novel, which is one of the applications that contains short stories, novels and others with a variety of genres.The research method used in this research is the Library study method (library research), namely by collecting data sourced from books or journals that have been published. The data used are secondary data related to writing skills, novels, students, Fizzo Novel. The research results in this study can play a role in honing writing skills and increasing the reading interest of high school students through the Fizzo Novel application.


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Keywords: Freedom to learn, novel writing, high school, Fizzo Novel

Hasanah, A., Badrih, M., & Wahyuni, S. (2024). Utilization of The Fizzo Novel Application as a Supporting Tool for Teaching Novel Writing to Support the Movement of Merdeka Belajar. EDUTEC : Journal of Education And Technology, 7(3).